4300 Noble Street at Waco, Houston, Texas 77020  |  (713) 675-5111  |  staff@fwmbc.org

4300 Noble Street at Waco, Houston, Texas 77020

(713) 675-5111 | staff@fwmbc.org

Prayer List & Praise Report



Sis. Barbara Glover, Bro. Eric Kindle, Sis. Vivian Edwards, Sis. Betty Love, Sis. Versie Thomas, Emily Criswell- Carwreck Survivor, Deacon Wheaton


Carrie Lucas has been diagnosed with uterine cancer – Friend of Sis. Dougar



Pastor Criswell & Family, Bro. Christopher Telford, Sis. Debra Telford, Sis. Alexandria Sykes, Sis. Shryl Potts, Bro. Gideon Sanders, Jr. , Bro. Errol Robey, Bro. Ronald Steen, Sis. Susie Emmers,  Sis. Allie Gill, Sis. Janice Hicks, Sis. Viola Butler, Sis. Doris Walker, Sis. Debra Lomax, Sis. Joyce Chenier, Sis. Herneader Jones, Bro. Thomas Bean III, Sis. Angela Armstead, Sis. Christean Criswell, Sis. Deniese McWilliams, Sis. Pamela Craft, Bro. Steve Grier, Ashley Rice, Sis. Barber Warner, Sis. Latashia Dougar


Bro. Harold Emmers, Jr. -Son of Sis. Susie Emmers, Sis. Florence Roberson- Sister of Sis. Estalene Broussard, Sis. Kaydence Ariana Singleton- Great Treat Granddaughter of Sis. Versie Thomas, Sis. Jennifer Johnson- Niece of Sis. Betty Polk, Bro. Donald Ray Simon- Brother of Sis. Ann Charles, Baby Kamesh Hunter- Niece of Sis. Ann Charles, Sis. Marjorie Humphrey- Mother-in-law of Sis. Gwendolyn Humphrey, Dominique Dougar, Roach Family, Wilson Family, Latasha Villanueva, Sis. Pamela Jones-Friend of Sis. Allie Gill, Sis. Jackie Boling- Sister-in-Law of Sis. Doris Walker, Sis. Orleanna Grace Coleman- Niece of Sis. Cheryl Gatlin, Sis. Arlene Close- Sister of Sis. Emily Ward, Bro. Keith Hampton- Son of Rev. Bobbie Hampton, Sis. Addie Carter- Sister of Sis. Mary Hampton, Dominique Dougar as he works in Jasper, TX, Rev. Johnson’s Aunt has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.



Walter Bibbs- The Mime




The Criswells and the Williams Family, Sis. Dorothy Webster and Family, Sis. Zelma Jefferson, The Smith Family, The Hill Family, The Warren Family, Sis. Jackie Adams & Sis. Deanna Nickerson and Family, Sis. Rhea Gill and Family, Sis Vernalla Arkadie and family, Abram, Ross & Rhodes Family, The Webb Family, Sis Glenda Atkins and Family, Sis. Kramela Thomas and Family, Bro. Eric Craft and Family, Sis. Pam Craft and Family, Sis. Sherri Fletcher and Family, Deacon Eric Smith & Sis. Sabrina Jones, Minister Ethel Peterson, Deacon Wheaton, Sis. Jackie Jackson, Rev. W. Jackson & Family, Sis. Michelle Lavigne & Family, Sis. Ann Charles & Family, The Burnside, Crump, Jones & Miles Family in the loss of their family member, The Bullock Family & the Bryant Family In the loss of Dr. Angela Nicole Bullock, Bro. Victor Terry and Family, Sis. Susie Emmers and Family, James Semien and Family, Sis. Gertie Handy and Family, Sis. Geneva Deveroex and Family, Sis. Repenzal Mebane and Family, The Wanza Family, Bro. Albert Lemons and The Charles Family, The Demby Family, The Taylor Family, Sis. Christean Criswell and Family, Sis. Walker and Family, Rev. Johnson and Family, The Family of Sis. Sedona Jackson


Glenda Chachere and Family due to the death of oldest daughter(Co-worker of Sis. Dougar) 

Harold Evans & LaToya Christian, they loss their 17 year old daughter Trinyiah Christian (Friend of Sis. Telekia Johnson)

The Saucedo Family in the loss of their daughter/ sister (Friend of Lady Robbin)

The Mariel Felder & Family in the loss of her brother (Co-worker of Sis. Dougar)

The Sowell and Mt. Olive Church Family in the lost of their Pastor.


Praise Report

There’s Victory in Jesus Name!

Rylee Herzik miraculously improving and is now home!

Sis. Versie Thomas granddaughter is out of the hospital

Sis. Crawford had a successful surgery and is home

Sis. Ellen Foots-Cole had pneumonia (Sis. Johnson’s Mom) has been released from the hospital

Demi has been released from the hospital and recovering well.

Baby Austin has been released and is home doing well (Lola Sherman great nephew) Friend of Sis. Dougar

Sis. Ellen Foots-Cole has been released from the hospital- Sis. Telekia Johnson’s mom

Deacon Wheaton is home

Jabria Lomax is home and doing well

Patrick Sims 7yr old had an accidently burned. He’s recovering well.

Felisha Johnson’s Mother has been released and now in the rehab and doing good- Friend of Sis. Dougar

Emily Criswell- Survived a major car accident, bruised, hurt, but not broken-she home resting